Mega Party

General Information

  • Admission up to 25 Children
  • Price: $574.00
  • $8.00 each additional child
  • Deposit: $100.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE)

Party Room

Party Schedule

  • Meet, greet and sign in with your Party Host.
  • First hour in the Private Jump Room (includes 5 Jumpers). 30 minutes of jump time in each room
  • 1 hour in the Orange Celebration Room.
  • A Visit from Kyle the Kangaroo in your Celebration Room.
  • Check out our Big Red Chair where the guest of honor can open gifts with family and friends. Great Opportunity for a group photo! (Optional)
  • Final hour on the Open Jump Floor.

Private Jump Room

Open Jump Room


Two(2) One-Topping Pizzas

Pitcher of Water

Table Covers, Plates, Napkins, Utensils & A Juice Box for Each Child

6 Round Tables
2 Rectangle Tables

Birthday Party Pack for Birthday Child

Includes 1 Future Return Pass & a Future Return Pass for each guests

12 Balloon Bouquet